Weekly Summary (1/17-1/20)

Given that this is the first weekly summary, I just hope I am doing everything correct, providing links to work done and embedded daily creates. All in all the first week has been simple but effective in getting me to realize a few things. First of all it has made me realize that there is a lot to learn even with something as simple appearing as photo editing or perhaps I need to find a better program to do it in. Secondly, it has made me realize that there is a need to moderate between the final product envisioned in your mind, and what you are actually able to produce. A strong example of that second point was the street sign daily create, where A much sharper final product was in my head, however my limited skills and equipment made me have to settle with a fragment of that idea with the help of an existing sign. All in all, it has been an interesting experience so far.






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