The commonalities of the spy genre.

The greatest common factor when it comes to the spy genre is the element of mystery, in my opinion. By mystery I don’t quite mean the fact that spys are supposed to be mysterious to get their job done, but rather how much is left as a mystery to the consumer of the media. The viewer is given the spy’s mission and the mystery begins with how they are going to complete it and what tools will get the job done. Will the spy’s mission go through flawlessly, or will they (inevitably) be captured? If they are captured how will they get out? With gadgets we have been shown or devices kept hidden from us all along? It is all of these elements of mystery that drive entertainment in the spy genre as a whole.

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  1. I really like the way you define mystery within the genre. I had not thought about it in that way before. Yet it is true that spy stories where you really do not know what will happen next tend to be the most compelling.

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