That Bucket List Though

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The five things that would be on my bucket list would probably be:
1: Go to Wisconsin- I enjoy cheese far more than I should and the mere concept of a state known for their cheese is incentive enough to go.
2: Own a brick bread making oven- I really want to make “authentic” bread and that always felt like a crazy goal to me to own the kind of oven I would need to make something that interesting.
3: Visit the Gundam museum- I am a massive fan of Gundam and it would be simply stunning to one day go to Japan to see a museum so dedicated to something I love so much.
4: I want to ride a rhinoceros- They have always seemed really amazing, and honestly would someone not want to ride one?
5: I want to invent a word- I say a lot of random words and I want one of them to catch on and become common vernacular.

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