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This was based on the assignment found here (

I tried to convey a story of someone gaming through both a success and failure. I tried to indicate success with the happy chime, but failure with the repetitive laser beeping sound. I feel like it kind of conveys what I was imagining but only if the context is there.

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  1. I think the use of the two different chime and laser sounds was a good idea to make it sound more like a game it helped me to understand it better. I’m curious though did you use the same audio clip for all the typing repeated or use different ones? For the most part it sounded similar but I thought I noticed a slight difference towards the end of the clip.

  2. Pretty cool. Definitely like the use of the chimes and the clicks (keyboard or controller buttons? can’t tell). You could’ve added a couple other “attempts” in the audio to make it longer! A couple successful or failed attempts at an impossible level, maybe with growing frustration. Something like the first time being a toss of the controller, then a bang on a desk then the grumble haha.

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