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I read the Vignelli Canon for this one.

Probably one of the most simple, yet most efficient things discussed in this piece was the concept of Syntactic consistency. When things do not display this concept it really bothers me, probably more so than the average person, because despite my lax approach to most things, I am a tad bit obsessive compulsive. This stance was even more highlighted by the “design without discipline is anarchy” line. Another thing I have noticed is that while the works presented are not minimalistic, they are definitely advocating a form of simplicity and in that simplicity effectiveness, as opposed to excessive depth.

Despite how obsessive compulsive I am I had never thought about the power of the grid format in not just art, but even standard writing. I would say though, I am curious on the writer’s opinion on comic books and the like since they intrinsically use a grid format however those grids are not systematic.

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